basic-christianityJohn R W Stott, the author of this book, Basic Christianity, is an English Christian and Anglican clergyman who is noted as a leader of the worldwide evangelical movement.  In 2005,  Time magazine ranked Stott, at the age of 84, among the 100 most influential people in the world and Billy Graham stated that Stott is  the world’s most respected Clergyman.

This small, compact book, only slightly longer than a pamphlet will be of interest to people searching for a well -organized, easy to understand, explanation of Christianity.  Stott seeks  to explain the message of Christianity, and to convince its readers of its truth and importance.

The reader should have no concerns that the book is too theoretical, or theological to understand. Stott’s organization is so concise, precise  and well -organized that readers of other religious faiths, and new Christians, will be able to understand it. But, even mature Christians will find the book helpful. It is very readable- and “user” friendly. One could read it in one night, but more realistically, the reader will more likely stop often to ponder.  So, set aside several evenings and expect to re read it often.  It is an inexpensive little book.  I think I paid about  US $2.99 for my copy.

Stott starts by stating that GOD created , He spoke, then He acted.  God always takes the initiative.

Part one deals with the Claims of Christ.  Was He a megalomaniac (a liar)  to claim He was GOD Or was he mad? Or telling the truth?

The next chapter deals with the Character of Christ,  And that chapter concludes that Jesus’ character reveals  the  complete selflessness  and love  of which only GOD is capable.

The next chapter of only 12 pages, deals with Christ’s resurrection. Stott  gives enough explanations and arguments  that even the doubtful will agree that historical records validate the truth of Jesus   death and resurrection .
Another chapter deals with Sin and it’s nature.  This is a topic our culture tries to avoid, but it’s vital to know that sin separates us from GOD.   That chapter is followed by a chapter on the Consequences of SIN.
Part TWO,  consisting of several chapters,  deals with Christ’s work.  His death,  and How He saves.

Section THREE, the last section,  deals with Man’s response to Jesus. What is the human response? What are the costs?How do we reach a decision?

And the last chapter deals with living the Christian life.

J.J Packer says ”World renown Scholar and preacher, John R. W.  Stott, embarks on a compelling course of study that first defends the fundamental claims of Christianity and then defines the proper outworkings of these basic beliefs in the daily lives of believers.  Here is a sound, sensible guide for those who are seeking an intellectually satisfying presentation of the Christian faith.

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